University Launches Bulldog Esports & Content Creation Opportunity 

In a world where digital realms and virtual competition have captured the hearts and minds of millions, the University of Redlands is carving a path to the future with its brand-new Bulldog esports program. This exciting development will see the U of R joining the ranks of over 175 educational institutions across the nation that officially offer a varsity esports program.  

The esports program and the Content Creation Room at the University of Redlands are interconnected facets of the university’s digital innovation strategy. While the esports program offers students a platform for competitive gaming and teamwork, the Content Creation Room provides the necessary tools for these gamers and other students to record, edit, and stream their experiences. 

Grand Opening 

The esports program is located in University Hall. During the Homecoming Weekend of 2023, University President Krista Newkirk set the stage with her speech at the grand opening of esports. Newkirk talked about how important this new adventure is for the university by making it more innovative and inclusive.    

President’s Take on the Content Creation Room 

During the grand opening event for the esports program, Newkirk commented that the Content Creation Room is all about being creative and including everyone. The room is like a special place where students can be creative and learn new things they need in today’s digital world. The president also said it’s not just about making videos; it’s about making friends and feeling like you belong here. Her speech reminded everyone that this room is not just about today, it’s about making the university even better in the future. 

University President Krista Newkirk at the Esports Grand Opening.

Meet the esports director 

Jacob Beach is the esports Program Director at the University of Redlands. Beach’s motivation for developing the Content Creation Room is to “provide students with the opportunity to explore the world of content creation, helping them discover potential career paths that align with their interests.” 

Why are students encouraged to utilize the Content Creation Room? 

Beach explained, “Our primary goal is to provide students with the opportunity to explore the world of content creation, helping them discover potential career paths that align with their interests. The room is equipped with top-notch resources, including high-quality webcams, microphones, key lights, green screens, and computers optimized for high-quality video editing. We don’t just want students to use these tools; we’re also here to assist them in understanding the software and hardware, monetization strategies, and self-marketing techniques. Ultimately, our objective extends beyond simply creating videos; it’s about fostering a supportive community.” 

The range of equipment in the Content Creation Room.

According to Beach, a Content Creation club is in the works, although it’s not officially launched just yet. One of the students, Pierce Sherpa ’26, is actively working to secure the necessary approvals, and it should be up and running soon. 

When can students access the Content Creation Room? 

The room is open to students from Monday to Thursday between 10 am and 6:30 pm. On Fridays and weekends, students have all-day access. 

Is a reservation required to use the room? 

Currently, no reservation is needed. Students are welcome to drop by and use the facilities at any time. 

Bulldog Esports on Discord 

To keep students connected and informed, Bulldog Esports has established a presence on Discord, available here. This platform offers a convenient way for students to engage with the esports community, share their work, and stay updated on the latest developments. 

The launch of the Content Creation Room at the University of Redlands marks a significant step toward fostering creativity, community, and career opportunities for its students. With Jacob Beach’s dedication and a wealth of resources at their fingertips, Redlands students are poised to explore an exciting journey of self-discovery and digital innovation. This initiative not only enhances the university’s educational offerings but also ensures that Redlands remains at the forefront of technological advancements in education. 

Photos by Anika Tabassum.

Anika Tabassum is from Bangladesh. She is a second-year student pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Business Administration. Her passions include seeking adventure, exploring new places as well as enjoying sports like Badminton and Tennis while maintaining an active lifestyle at the gym.

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