The Beauty of Heritage: A Photo Essay of Hispanic Heritage Month Events

On Oct. 12, Redlands students are informed about the importance of Hispanic heritage and specifically about generations of families that have influenced our beautiful community, from working, inspiring, and being.

Teaching the importance of Mexican culture and the importance of food, family, heritage, and traditions, dating back to generations of Hispanic families living in Redlands.

Tables set up in Hunsaker Plaza with photos of generations of families and documentations of the Inland Empire Hispanic Traditions and Heritage.

President Krista Newkirk delivering the opening speech of the Hispanic Heritage Event. Her words of inspiration and knowledge of Mexican-American culture captivated the crowd.

Saint Mary’s Folklorico immerses the crowd into Hispanic culture with the power of dance. 

A Folklorico dancer wearing a colorful costume and performing intricate footwork to traditional Mexican music. This is a vibrant and captivating performance that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.

This beautiful Folklorico dance is known as the “Jarabe Tapatio,” also known as the National Dance of Mexico. This dance represents courtship. In this dance, the man tosses his hat on the ground. 

The dancers’ movements are lively and expressive, and they carry themselves on stage with dedication and passion. 

As the dancers encaptivate the beauty of a partner dance, and the connection between both dancers, their love for who they are, and who they dance for.

Each moment at the end of a dance is unique to each dancer. The dancers hear the crowd cheering for them, knowing that they’re shining a light on their culture.

Families gather to watch the film Living on a Dime. This film revolves on the I-10 freeway, and is based on the life of Antonio Gonzalez Vasquez, who documented the way the freeway shaped the town.

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