Last Wednesday, the University of Redlands Women’s basketball team immediately took the lead against La Verne and continued to remain in the lead until the conclusion of the game when they won 89 – 63. Although La Verne would bounce back scoring several points at a time, Redland’s continued to play aggressively – defending the ball and maintaining a significant lead throughout most of the game.


Allison Siksnus (‘18) attempts to take the jump ball for Redlands, while La Verne would start the game with the ball Redlands would soon take it back and begin scoring.


Cassandra Lacey (‘20) shoots the ball scoring a two pointer.


Allison Siksnus (‘18) shoots the ball scoring a two pointer, increasing the lead
against La Verne.


Reyna Ta’amu (‘18) shoots the ball scoring another two pointer, taking the score to
12-6 with Redlands in the lead.


Angela Silver (‘18) looks to pass the ball.


Kellis Dack (‘21) passing the ball to Cassandra Lacey (‘20).


Reyna Ta’amu (‘18) shoots the ball scoring another two pointer out of the many
points she scored for Redlands during the game, the lead against La Verne nears 20 points.


Allison Siksnus (‘18) scores a two pointer.


Camille Mosley (‘21) scores a two pointer.


Alexandria Iannone (‘21) passes the ball.


Megan Fortenberry (‘18) passes the ball off to Cassandra Lacey (‘20) as the game
comes to conclusion.


Photos contributed by Redlands Bulldog photographer, Catie Nohra.