Weekly Culture Picks: March 21

Weekly Culture Picks: March 21

Hello, my loyal readers! Today, I have a special double edition, as last week was a busy one. So here’s two in one for your enjoyment!



Get Out (in theatres now)

I know you’ve probably seen dozens of Facebook posts about this movie and you’ve probably been saying to yourself, “It can’t be that good.” Well, I’m here to assure you: it is THAT good. I will say that “thriller” is a better descriptor than “horror” when it comes to  genre classification, but either way you’ll leave the theater with your heart pumping and a million and one thoughts floating around your head. The film is centered around a young Black man meeting his white girlfriend’s family for the first time. Of course, it can’t be as simple as that. Jordan Peele is a genius and this film is packed with social commentary, hidden meanings and incredibly meaningful metaphors. And guess what? There’s a free Krikorian showing tomorrow (March 21) for you to check it out on the university’s dime!


Janis: Little Girl Blue (available for streaming on Netflix)

Janis Joplin is easily one of the most underrated musicians of all time. Her name has long been forgotten beyond the scope of the 27 Club and “Mercedes Benz”. This Netflix documentary gives insight into Janis’ rise to fame, personal relationships, and her ultimately fatal substance abuse. Janis’ impact as a woman in Rock & Roll and her talent alone makes the film worth the watch, not to mention the soundtrack and incredible directorship.



More Life – Drake (available for streaming on all platforms)

“I drunk text J. Lo, Old numbers so I bounce back.”

How can you not appreciate someone that says something so petty about himself? Drake is back with the hits. Now, before the real hip-hop heads come for me …. I understand that Drake isn’t a lyricist nor a legend when it comes to classic rap. That being said, he understands how to capitalize on the current trends; he’s an entertainer and he makes hits. This album brings you back to his Take Care days, but features a new, island vibe. As problematic as his appropriation of various island cultures might be, it works musically. It’s a fun album, and you can easily leave it on repeat without growing tired. Cheers to Drake as he continues to make more millions!  


The Chief – Jidenna (available for streaming on all platforms)

Existing somewhere in between platinum hit-maker and up and coming musician, Jidenna has been consistently snubbed by critics and casual hip-hop consumers. He’s been known for his classic style, subject of his hit song “Classic Man,” and little else. This album resolves all question about his musical abilities. Jidenna and his team delivers a new and refreshing approach to hip-hop with this mix of creative sampling and original beats, meaningful lyrics, and classic hip-hop style. He’s not a household name yet, but this album sets the stage for him to become one. If you want to start with one song, my recommendation is “Bambi.”



22 Secrets Hidden in “Get Out” You May Have Missed

Like I said, this movie is absolutely genius. There’s so many subtleties and hidden metaphors throughout the film that hints social commentary and historical context to the audience, which provides some serious food for thought. This quick Buzzfeed article gives insight into some of the more subtle messages. After you watch the movie, check it out and see what you caught during your first viewing, and allow the new discoveries to continue the conversation around the movie.


The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Please (here’s a free PDF)

Reading the whole thing is going to be quite the feat to get through before the end of the school year, but this collection of essays is thought-provoking, funny and informative. There’s a wide range of feminist perspectives presented about how feminist politics interact with the porn industry. Expectations of femininity, sexual expression and experience, and racial stereotypes play out on any porn set. This book seeks to bring about a feminist discourse of pornography within everyday circles. Take a look through the table of contents and see which topics catch your eye; you can start with one and finish up during the summer!



“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Automobile mogul, Henry Ford.

I’ve been spending much time thinking about my future, goals and aspirations. Often, I find myself feeling down or feeling like my dreams are too large for me to achieve. Seeing this quote helped me change my internal conversation from “Is that even possible?” to “What can I do now that will build towards my end goal? And, how will I make my goals realities?” I hope it does the same for you.


“If I fall, I will fall five-feet-four-inches forward in the fight for freedom.” – Fannie Lou Hamer, civil rights activist.

FLH is one of my favorite historical figures. Her impact in the Civil Rights Movement and her persistence in ensuring the protection of Black Americans’ rights have been lost without coverage in history books. Yet, her legacy remains as we all reap the benefits of her work. This quote particularly speaks to me as I gear up to begin law school with the intent of living a life conducive to reaching national racial equity. We can’t achieve it all, but we can achieve something great if we work hard at it every day. Achieve freedom, or die tryin’.