Weekly Culture Picks: Jan. 26

In the words of Bryson Tiller, “I’m back and I’m better.” Editor’s Picks are back with more consistency and some broader topics to hopefully give y’all some more material to love each and every week.


Watch: Shameless. Lord y’all. This show has racked my nerves, led me to fall in love with a white teenage boy from a gentrified and segregated hood of Chicago, cry at 4 AM, laugh uncontrollably and to appreciate some of the things in life I take for granted … like not having to unclog sewage to afford food. The plot centers around six siblings being raised by the eldest sister at 21-years-old, in lieu of their raging alcoholic father. Together, the family goes through the realities of having to make ends meet financially, mentally, and emotionally. Drama does not even begin to describe the series. You HAVE to watch it, but do yourself a favor and wait until the weekend.


Shameless (U.S. version) is available for streaming on Netflix.


Listen: Hidden Figures: The Album. Hidden Figures, the highly anticipated and well-received blockbuster, has an equally stellar soundtrack not just to match, but to push the film further. The cast, in tandem with superstars like Pharrell and Alicia Keys, delivers a compelling album. And as much as I disagree with her blatant discrimination against the LGBTQ community, Kim Burrell can SANG. Her song, entitled “I See A Victory,” rounds out the album. The song, like the rest of the album, mixes gospel-inspired lyrics and tone, a touch of hip-hop, classic soul and vocals that combined, gives you the chills, sends you back to getting in trouble for falling asleep in church and invigorates you all at once. Please please please give it a listen, even if you haven’t watched the movie. And if you haven’t watched the movie … what are you even doing?


Album is available on Apple Music and Spotify for streaming.


Read: This website, Daily Roundups, provides a daily summary of everything Donald Trump does, without the party-based bias that controls most media outlets. It provides the facts, and leaves the interpretation up to the reader. With so much misinformation from both camps, it’s important to know what’s actually happening in the Trump Administration. This is an easy way to do so! And guess what, college students? It’s completely free and it’s short! Yay for the little things in life.
Quote: “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” – Rabbi Tarfon in the Talmud, Jewish sacred text. Over half of our country came out of the Election feeling discouraged about our country’s future, and even more have begun to feel that way in the months since then. Don’t be discouraged. Let your anger and frustration fuel your work. The world needs people who care that much. You won’t change everything, but you can – and you will – change something if you just keep going!