Weekly Culture Picks: Feb. 13

Weekly Culture Picks: Feb. 13

Watch: American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson (available for streaming on Netflix)


The O.J. Simpson Trial is iconic. It started the L.A. trend of watching high (or in this case, low) speed pursuits. Race, sports, and crime converged for the high-profile investigation and subsequent trial. Most of us undergrad students weren’t even born when it happened, and our knowledge of the event has been constructed by second-hand accounts and pop culture references. This series, with the same production team as American Horror Story, delivers a (mostly true story) account of the events from multiple points of view including showing the impact the case had on the family lives of Robert Kardashian (and yes, that means the Kardashian children are involved), Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Marcia Clark, and other parties involved. With some of the best acting talent, from Sarah Paulson, John Travolta, and David Schwimmer (yes, Ross from Friends), accurate costuming, and strong cinematography, the show tells the suspenseful and legendary story of how O.J. Simpson was acquitted of committing a double murder.


Listen: Black History Month, by Starbucks (available for streaming on Spotify)


Yes friends, it’s still one of the best months of the year! Starbucks, which has recently made headlines for announcing their commitment to hiring 10,000 refugees, put together this playlist that you can enjoy all year round. The playlist features both contemporary Black artists, such as John Legend and Frank Ocean, and Black musical legends, such as Nina Simone and Duke Ellington. There’s a little something for everyone with R & B hits, rock and roll, hip-hop and some classic soul.


Read: Press Releases from ASUR Presidential Candidates


This is so important! We all have opinions about the University, whether good, bad, or ugly. The ASUR President holds an immense amount of power, including appointing fellow students to comprise the ASUR Cabinet and setting the ASUR budget. Whether you feel frustrated by things happening with the University, or want to continue the status quo, please please please check out each of the candidates press releases. And most importantly, DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE USING URCONNECT!!


Quote: “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” – Sally Koch; We tend to think about service and helping others in terms of isolated opportunities, but each day we have thousands of chances to perform random acts of kindness, to make compassionate choices, and to impact our communities.