Virtual Spring 2021 Rush Kicks Off: Mandatory Q&A Being Held Today

Virtual Spring 2021 Rush Kicks Off: Mandatory Q&A Being Held Today

This semester’s rush officially begins today, Feb. 5 with a Q&A session from 4-5:00 pm PST. Attendance is required to participate in spring, 2021 rush.

Meanwhile, this Saturday and Sunday will bring virtual meet and greets with all  sororities and fraternities on campus.

Greek life, though online, is reportedly still a blast. Alpha Chi Delta, a sorority with a focus on women of color, shared on Instagram their plans for activities such as movie nights, Kahoot, and other festivities that can be accomplished online. 

Alpha Xi Omicron also shared on Instagram their efforts to utilize breakout rooms to achieve a more personal connection “rushees.” “We have been playing games[and] talking about the hottest gossip,” they went on to say through Instagram. 

Even with an online format, there are still efforts to make the most out of the semester.

When asked why she thinks rushing during COVID-19 is still worth it, Kelly Klish, President of Delta Kappa Psi affirmed that the rewards of Greek life—joining another community and meeting new people—are important during a pandemic. 

“Even during COVID-19, sororities are focused on connecting with one another safely and supporting each other through these unprecedented times,” Klish said

Joining Delta Kappa Psi introduced Klish to many people that she never would have known otherwise. During a time like this, where finding connections can be difficult, joining an organization may be a great option.

Instagram is a great way to stay connected and up to date with each of the organizations. There can be a lot of information to gather from looking through the members and activities they have to offer.

The Instagrams of all U of R sororities are: @deltakappapsisorority @alphathetaphi @kappapizeta @uofralphasigmapi @alphachidelta @betalambda and @alphaxiomicron. The fraternities are: @chirhopsi @kappasigmasigma @_chi.sig_ @pichiredlands and @gammadeltarho. 

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Photo by Editor-in-Chief Trueman Andrews-Gibson.