University implements new safety measures, Feb. 16 suspect arrested

On Feb.27, the University of Redlands released a second statement via email on the active shooter incident that occurred on Feb. 16, stating that the suspect has been arrested. The Redlands Police Department believes the incident was drug-related, and the victims are both expected to recover. 

The second statement outlined a list of actions the university plans to take to ensure the safety of students, including but not limited to ensuring alerts will go out to all classrooms if a similar situation were to occur again and providing training to students, staff, and faculty on what to do in case of an emergency. The university’s announcement also included information on how to add other family members to the Bulldog Alert system, as well as where emergency services can be contacted. Students, faculty, and family will also be able to track updates on the current situation via the university’s emergency website at or via the university’s Twitter account (@uofredlands).

As of the time of writing, the university has already implemented some of the many planned measures, which include: the conducting of an inventory of all internal doors and upgrading interior locks, relaunching the Public Safety Bike Patrol team, giving all buildings on campus addresses, upgrades to the university’s crisis communication plan to provide after-incident summaries of information, and ensuring that all classrooms and computers on-campus receive alerts during emergencies, according to Senior Director of Strategic Communications Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications Stephanie Johnson.

Future planned measures include the addition of posters with information on what to do in case of a lockdown to classrooms and the installation of keyless card access devices on exterior doors scheduled to begin in the summer, Johnson stated. The university is also updating information on emergency procedures, which can be found at

Photo by Photo Editor Kyle Eaton.