The Journalist from Nepal

The Journalist from Nepal

Since coming to the University of Redlands, I’ve come to realize that some of these people really are in fact going to stay close to me for the rest of my life. This is a time where you develop lasting relationships with a diverse range of people who influence the who you are now and who you will become and  Redlands has connected me with the friends I cherish deeply.


I was raised in the cold rainy city of Seattle, directly contrasting Redlands, which a has been a drastic change in not only climate but culture. The astoundingly warm weather brought me to California in the first place. I had always dreamt of living somewhere that was sunny year round and I’m so happy I can consider this place a second home.


As for the culture of this place? The different perspectives people bring from all around the country and world coming together in one institution is fascinating–bringing pieces of our homes with us in every way. Just the other day I met a kid who was from Nepal, just like me! After playing soccer together under the afternoon sun we got to chatting where he told me he lived in Nepal and later moved to Seattle his sophomore year of high school and now here we are, both in Southern California going to the same private college, what are the chances?


As I enter my junior year, I’m majoring in media and visual culture studies with a strong passion for sports journalism– particularly soccer around the globe. As the sports section editor, I hope to continue to grow our sports section with my time here. With so many of our fellow students involved in athletic programs, I believe the Sports section has the potential to greatly serve our Bulldog community.  


Photo contributed by Redlands Bulldog photographer Kevin Reyes