Tally of Positive COVID-19 Tests Increases at University of Redlands

Tally of Positive COVID-19 Tests Increases at University of Redlands

As COVID-19 testing continues and the waters for on-campus student residence are, too, tested, several new positive COVID-19 results have been reported.

In the most recent health brief from February 3rd, it was detailed that one on-campus student, six local off-campus students, and three on-site staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

Including cases since students moved in last month, this brings the present tally of positive tests to six students living on campus, and 14 living locally off-campus. 

As the initial quarantine and testing period for returning University of Redlands students came to a close in late January, Dean of Student Affairs Donna Eddleman maintained an optimistic but cautious tone in her recent Jan. 27 letter to students.

Eddleman writes, “While [the end of the stay-at-home order for the state of California] is a hopeful sign, it is important as a University community that we remain careful and deliberate about any changes to our policies, practices, and expectations.”

The Jan. 27 email notes that students are responsible for scheduling and completing weekly COVID-19 tests themselves, and refers students to the testing site on campus at University Hall or various San Bernardino County Testing Sites

In the case of a positive COVID-19 test, students are required by university policy to report their result using this form.

University students and staff can refer their questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 testing and procedures to covidresponse@redlands.edu.