Student Organizations Host Green Slam, Sustainability Music Festival

Student Organizations Host Green Slam, Sustainability Music Festival

The sun was setting, but the slam was just beginning. Students rushed to Lewis hall on April  7 at 6 p.m for Green Slam, a sustainability music festival. This event was brought to the university by Kamal Bilal, the 2017-2018 ASUR new student body President, Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and Social Affairs. This event was a spin off of the annual sustainability festival, as it included student performers and student environmental organizations.


The event kicked off with free tacos and desserts as students hung out with their new reusable water bottles that were given away.


Green Slam served to help bring awareness about sustainability to campus. A local Greek organization, Kappa Pi Zeta was involved in the event and had students pledge to not drink from Arrowhead water to boycott Nestles’ water extraction from Strawberry Creek in San Bernadino, and instead use reusable water bottles. Roots and Shoots, an organization that teaches children about sustainability, had a fundraiser where they sold succulents in painted pots, while SEA advocated for students to learn more about their carbon footprint.


When the clock struck 7 p.m, students rallied one another to head down to the Brown Amphitheater to listen to their fellow peers perform their very own lyrics on stage. Performances featured The Mokes, Ricky Ph7air, Groovy, Keavin Ly, and Austin Tannenbaum; all students of the University of Redlands. Each performer had the crowd clapping and swaying as their friends and fellow peers came out to support the cause and the people involved. The atmosphere was perfect for a Friday night.


Social Affairs Director, Brenna Phillips said she was impressed by the event.


“It’s really cool to see different clubs and organizations coming together for a common cause,” Phillips said. “I think the energy and the turnout shows the benefit of co-sponsorship and the potential that it has to create effective events.”


Overall, the student body was pleased with the event and how smoothly it went, and appreciated different student organizations coming together to promote sustainability. Green Slam was definitely a slam. Go be green!