State Street Alive with Local Art: Downtown Redlands Art Walk

As the festivities of Homecoming Weekend were coming to an end, the Downtown Redlands Art Walk was in full swing. If you happened to be walking through Downtown Redlands on Sunday afternoon between 11 a.m and 6 p.m, you would have seen an abundance of tents and tables set up on State Street, as well as multiple side streets. At a variety of tables and tents, artists from across the Redlands area were displaying and selling their art.


There was a multitude of different crafts and goods ranging from paintings and photography to pottery, sculpture and jewelry. At each booth the artist stood eager to have the chance to explain their creative vision to anyone who asked. The streets were alive with people who were out enjoying the sunny afternoon and the incredible local art.


There was also a Beer Garden with local Redland’s craft breweries, as well as a station for kids to make their own art set up on the opposite side of the street. There were two project options for the kids in attendance to work on: colorful tissue-paper flowers for the younger children, and then a more advanced version made with fabric and buttons, both in which were made in honor of the fall season.


The Art Walk is a bi-annual event that started in 2013. It started out as a small gathering of local artists, but has quickly grown into an event even larger than the Market Nights held in the same location on Thursday nights. If you missed the Art Walk this time around, don’t worry because it will be coming back in March for the Spring DTR Art Walk.





All photos taken by the reporter, Ellie Ramsey