Staff Picks: Halloween Favorites

Staff Picks: Halloween Favorites

In an attempt to ignite the Halloween Spirit in us all, a few of the Redland Bulldog’s most avid Halloween lovers came together to pick their favorite movies, candies, songs and traditions of the season. Together, we have assembled a list of Halloween classics that are sure to get you hyped for 2017’s Halloweend.

Favorite Movies

Disney Channels Halloweentown Series

As a kid, I always new it was Halloween season when these movies started being played on Disney Channel! What’s not to love about the magic of Halloweentown? As I get older, I find myself filled with nostalgia as I watch the adventures of Marnie and Grandma Aggie.- Emilia Rivera, Culture Editor

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

When all of your friends are trying to decide if they should be a playboy bunny or a sexy librarian, sometimes the wholesome Halloween you participated in as a child gets forgotten. This Charlie Brown classic reminds me of the sentimental holiday lover that I am at heart, and always helps me get into the true spirit of the season.- Willow Higgins, Editor-in-Chief

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder isn’t very Halloweeny, but it is probably my favorite horror movie. It redefined the standards of horror film, and was the first to utilise film techniques that have become widely accepted and cherished today, such as filming things in low frame rates and then speeding them up in post-production to create surreal body horror. There are also no special effects in this movie! Everything was done via practical effects or camera effects. All you need to know about the plot is that a Vietnam vet with PTSD experiences several disturbing encounters. – Jackson Anderson, reporter.

It Follows

Have you ever watched a movie that just feels… not right? From its off-kilter depiction of 1980s suburbia, to its unlikable but relatable portrayal of teenagers, and it’s deceptively simple premise, It Follows purposefully feels off in a way that makes me equal parts curious and freaked out. Without compromising too much, the movie introduces an entity that follows an individual relentlessly, but slowly; never more than a stuttering walk. It can take any human form Its prey is least likely to notice – a businessman in the crowded city streets, a grandmother in a park, a relative. One of the weirder bits is how It can be “transmitted” from person to person, but I’ll leave the rest for the curious and the horror fans to discover themselves. -Jono Ruhlman, reporter.

Casper Meets Wendy

Although it’s not scary, it does include ghosts, witches, and evil warlocks, which to me constitutes a quality Halloween film. Featuring pre-peak Hilary Duff as Wendy the good witch and a friendly ghost named Casper, in a blossoming friendship filled with dangerous adventures, this movie inspired my own witchy fantasy. -Talullah Blanco, Opinion Editor


Favorite Songs


This song was always a hit at every Halloween party!  From toddlers to seniors, this song always gets people to the dance floor, and you’re lying if you say you’ve never tried to replicate the iconic dance moves from the music video!  -Emilia Rivera, Culture Editor

Flying Purple People Eater

Throughout my time in elementary school, once October hit the entire school rehearsed a performance to the Flying Purple People Eater during music class. The fifth graders were always pros, having had practiced it for five plus years by that point, and those in kindergarden pretty much always just danced in circles. On Halloween day, everyone would dress up in costumes, and parents and friends were invited to watch the school wide outdoor performance of the song. Every time I hear Flying Purple People Eater, I immediately recall my years in elementary school and get put right into the Halloween spirit.- Willow Higgins, Editor-in-Chief

The Misfits – Halloween

A horror punk classic about a much more sinister version of Halloween than what you see in cartoons. What is there more to say? – Jackson Anderson, reporter.

The Cup – Relient K

Man I love a good Snickers, but in the Fun Size? No fun at all. Ohio rockers Relient K and I agree on that essential point. The Cup is off their recent Halloween-themed EP that refused to get out of my head last October, and it’s time to put it on loop again. It’s about lead vocalist Matt Thiessen’s favorite candy, and boy is he passionate about it.  -Jono Ruhlman, reporter.

The Monster Mash

This song has been the anthem to my Octobers ever since I can remember. At least once a week my family would blast this oh so Halloweeny melody on the boombox, “it was a graveyard smash!” ringing through the house. I know I’ll be doing the Monster Mash this Tuesday. -Talullah Blanco, Opinion Editor.


Favorite Candy


Kit-Kats are great during any season, but on Halloween I always had a disproportionate amount! -Emilia Rivera, Culture Editor


What’s not to love about flaky, crunchy, peanut butter goodness all squished into a high caloric bar shaped treat? I look forward to indulging in them all year long! -Willow Higgins, Editor-in-Chief

Airheads Xtreme Bites

While most people are eagerly chowing down on chocolate or candy corn on Halloween, I like to enjoy my guilty pleasure – sour candy. Airheads Xtreme Bites are my favorite sour candy for any time of the year, and I definitely gorge myself on Halloween. – Jackson Anderson, reporter.

Milk Duds

Simple caramel and chocolate are my usual go-tos. Yeah, they stick to your teeth, but that’s just part of the experience. -Jono Ruhlman, reporter.


If I get a full size Starburst candy pack tossed into my pillowcase I am a happy camper. Even thinking about those juicy fruity flavors makes my mouth water. -Talullah Blanco, Opinion Editor.


Favorite Traditions

“My mom works at a recreation departments and every year they have a Haunted House. It was such a fun tradition growing up, from going through it to actually being in the Haunted House. The people in charge were so creative and the actors did such a good job! It was fun seeing how Halloween can make everyone turn into a little kid again! And even better, my mom would sometimes bring decorations home, so my family always went all out. We definitely had one of the spookiest houses in the neighborhood. ” -Emilia  Rivera, Culture Editor.


Every year, before the kids go out trick or treating and the teens and adults go to parties with their friends, my whole family gathers for a chilli feast! Being from Texas, chilli is taken seriously, as there are many different adaptations and styles. Our Halloween chilli is much spicier and more bean and meat heavy than our Christmas chilli, for example, which is made with white beans and chicken and has more of a soup like thickness. For Halloween, we often turn our chilli into frito pie, which is chilli smothered in fritos, sour cream, cheese and scallions! YUM! It’s delicious, warms you from the inside out, and is a great way to spend time with the whole family before our evening festivities begin! -Willow Higgins, Editor-in-Chief


Every Halloween my friends and I make a goal to visit all of the big haunted houses in Utah before Halloween in order to find out which one is the best, and scariest! On Halloween itself, we revisit the haunted house that we have dubbed the best. The Haunted Forest in American Fork is on a three year winning streak, with their incredibly diverse set of costumes and sets, not to mention the superb acting, being unparalleled. – Jackson Anderson, reporter.


Ok this is a weird one, and requires a bit of backstory.  An old friend of mine, in all his creative genius, once filmed a silly video early in high school in which a villain disrupts an award ceremony for some purpose like world domination… the plot isn’t important (and I don’t really remember). The point is he had to improvise a villain costume, so he gave the villain a Luigi mask that his little brother had lying around. Yeah, Mario’s brother Luigi. We all thought it was the funniest thing in our 15 years of life. So, the fiscally responsible little freshmen we were, we all ended up buying Luigi masks on Amazon, and that Halloween all five of us went trick-or-treating with them on. (Remember when it was the “basic” thing to throw up a peace sign by your eyes? We probably thought we were doing it ironically.). It became a kind of tradition within the friend circle to post something with a Luigi mask online every time October 31st rolled around – a tribute to the villain with an unfortunate disguise. -Jono Ruhlman, reporter.


Let me be honest here, I was never one to enjoy dressing up as something scary, not in my early childhood or even now! Nor am I planner. It may be odd but my favorite part of Halloween were never the costumes, in fact that aspect is always kind of stressful for me. But you want to know what I do love? The pumpkin patch! Stomping, and let’s be honest, stumbling through the mud just to find the perfect carving pumpkin has always ignited my Halloween spirit! Even in Southern California where there is no mud, only dust to wander through, I still found my Halloween spirit picking the perfect pumpkin from the local Redlands patch.  -Talullah Blanco, Opinion Editor.