SPURS: Back and Better

SPURS: Back and Better

The University of Redlands strives greatly to give each student the opportunities to become who they want to be. SPURS, however, takes an extra step into developing students to become helpful leaders as well as high academic students. This year, SPURS has taken the initiative to bring back this well-rounded organization and are looking for more determined students to join.


SPURS: Service, Patriotism, Unity, Responsibility, and Sacrifice. 


Since 1931, SPURS has taken the initiative of gathering students who are highly-driven and academically motivated to make an impact within the University and as well as the community. 


SPURS is a National Honor Society specifically for sophomore students, in which they become active members from their first day of sophomore year to the last school day. Meeting only once a month and having most services on the weekend makes this organization accessible for students to be part of and fulfill service hours. 


SPURS motto is “To build a better community.” Considering how small the organization is, they have been showcasing more of their services around campus. Their recent service was to fundraise money for the Australia fires by selling stickers (including Addie stickers) to raise awareness.


Each SPURS class has the option of sticking with past services, or they can make a consecutive vote amongst members to decide what the service concentration could be for the school year. This year, the class has decided to make their concentration based on children, and so they now help Burrage Mansion, a non-profit organization that creates activities and events for local children, during the weekends.


With roughly 22 students, SPURS is bouncing back to become a well-known organization on campus.


Sofia Linares ‘22, President of SPURS, has seen the growth and change she has been hoping for while being in charge. 


“[SPURS is] always different and always new,” Linares said. “It’s a place of opportunity to input your opinions on what services you want to help.”


As SPURS is a National Honor Society, there are a few requirements that are key to membership in the organization. Members must have a grade point average of a 3.0 and be able to complete the required amount of 80 hours of community service during the duration of their sophomore year — 40 hours from SPURS events and the other 40 hours from the concentrated service event. 


For students, time management can be a hassle, but it is never impossible. As a full-time student, Linares describes how SPURS has impacted her many extracurriculars.


“SPURS has taught me a lot more about responsibility and staying on top of things. We are a group of people who are passionate about service, and we also have a good time doing service together.”


SPURS is encouraging not only sophomores but other students within the University community to participate in their annual Murder Mystery Dinner. The dinner will be held on Friday Feb. 7 at 6 pm in University Hall. This will be an excellent way for any freshmen interested in joining SPURS to get to know more about the students behind the organization.


SPURS takes great pride in their ability to be loyal and devoted students. Freshman can use this opportunity to get to know more about how they can help the University,  as well as the City of Redlands community. Participants in this program have demonstrated its eagerness to help guide sophomores as they reach the final years of their undergraduate career. 


 The application for SPURS will be available on February 9th on Presence.  


Their email is spurs.uor@gmail.com if you have any other questions regarding the organization. Or follow their Instagram, @OUR-SPURS to see more of what they do and stay in touch with this organization. 

[hr gap=””]Photograph by Hannah Sobel.