Sending Thurber Love: Health and Graduation

This past Tuesday the student body and staff of the University of Redlands received a campus wide email with heart wrenching news. Thurber’s caregiver, Beth Doolittle, announced with a heavy heart that Thurber, our beloved school mascot has serious health issues. This past week the veterinarian confirmed there is a mass on his spleen and heart, both very aggressive cancerous tumors. Doolittle made the difficult decision to forgo treatment, and instead offer Thurber as much comfort as possible.


Thurber made an appearance at this years Homecoming, looking dashing as always in his maroon wagon, enjoying both the football game and the love and affection of the students, faculty and alumni. And for now, Thurber is being watched, monitored and loved wholeheartedly by Dolittle, probably eating his weight in boiled chicken.


According to a Bulldog Bulletin email sent to the whole university, Thurber was supposed to graduate from his role as school mascot this April with the University of Redlands Class of 2018. However, because of illness, a group of students organized an early graduation specifically for Thurber as a way to honor our beloved mascot before we have to bid him farewell.


Thurber’s graduation will take place this at 4:30 on Monday in the Greek Theatre. Attendees are encouraged to wear maroon and gray in Thurber’s honor.


From The Redlands Bulldog newspaper staff and myself, Thurber, you are in our thoughts and our hearts, and we are sending you our best wishes.