Redlands Environmentalists Take On GreenFest

Spring has sprung in Southern California; last friday the sun was warm and the air had a distinct floral scent. Surrounding campus, the San Bernardino mountains were covered in a hazy film of smog. This environmental degradation is a reminder of the work that needs to be done. To raise awareness about sustainable living and environmentally-conscious career paths, GreenFest was held on Friday the 18th from 4-6 p.m. This event was co-sponsored by Cady Moris, the ASUR Sustainability Representative, and ASUR Vice-President Sarah Sachs. These two women were joined by green clubs/organizations and professional development in organizing this event.

Students streamed through the festival between Lewis Hall and the library at a steady pace throughout the afternoon. The booths were stationed by various parties such as ASUR, green clubs and organizations on campus, and environmentally-friendly businesses; and for various purposes such as selling tickets to Greenapalooza (an environmental benefit concert that took place in the evening) and advertising a campus talk by environmental activist Bill McKibben, scheduled for Monday, March 21st at 7:00PM in the Chapel.

Each of the respective organizations had different booths and information to share. Republic Services had a raffle to estimate the amount of cans in a compact recycled cube. Kappa Pi Zeta presented information on the harsh reality of the relationship between the environment and meat consumption, and advocated the solution of veganism. Roots and Shoots was there providing information about their program and had some potted plants on their table. ASUR was present and open to environmental solutions to issues on campus. Environmental PSA’s were displayed by students from this semester’s Environmental Activism and Justice class––they had messages of veganism and sustainable eatery, reusing and recycling, moving away from plastic, and ending our dependence on fossil fuels. After learning environmental facts from all of these booths, participants could decorate reusable water bottles and tote bags. Each booth and organization had so much to offer. All around, this festival was a pleasant and productive time. Professor Krantz brought his dog and Professor Klooster played his recorder. There was an enthusiastic attitude on campus this friday because with environmental progress there is a future. By broadcasting their information, advocacy, and aspirations, the participants of GreenFest demonstrated their commitment to such progress.

Organizer and senior Cady Moris is passionate about the festival, “GreenFest shows that there is a multitude of ways to get involved in protecting the environment. No matter your interests or passions, there is always something you can do to live more sustainably and every little action is important. Often the hardest step is the first one: simply figuring out how you want to start helping the environment and what actions are achievable for you.” With GreenFest, this difficult first step was made a little easier.

[Images courtesy of Sky Ung, Redlands Bulldog photographer]