PRIDE Center Holds Outreach Picnic

Last Sunday, Feb. 21st, the Pride Center put on their first annual pride picnic event. From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Redlands students came together with local high school students at the gallery lawn for food, fun, and friendship.

Those in attendance at this event included 9th and 11th graders from Grove High school, interns from the Pride and Women’s centers, as well as students with a great interest in being part of activities surrounding gender and sexuality on campus. During the two hours spent together on the sunny Sunday afternoon, attendees enjoyed fresh baked cookies while enjoying various board games and conversation around the grass area.

When asked about the purpose of doing outreach to local students through the Pride Center, Sarah Grimley, senior and Pride Center intern, told me about how when she was in high school she felt very alone in working through her sexual identity,

“Through outreach to local high schools, the Pride Center is trying to help foster the already existing communities that the high school students have assembled, and provide a community for those who may not have one while also acting as positive role models and creating a bridge of communication between the LGBTQ+ students on our campus and those in the surrounding area, to provide resources, advice and friendship.”

Both interns and students hope that this event will be only the beginning of building a connection with high school students around the area in order to foster relationships and offer support.