Press Releases from ASUR Presidential Candidates

The campaigning period for ASUR President has begun! In order to vote, keep an eye on your Redlands email starting Monday, Feb. 13 at 8 a.m.  The email will take you to a ballot on URConnect, which will host the voting process. Voting closes at 5 p.m on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Below are press releases from the candidates that outline their values and objectives for their potential presidency.


Madeline Petrone


Hello my fellow bulldogs, My name is Madeline Petrone and I am beyond excited to be in the running for your next ASUR President! I am a triple major in Accounting, Business Management, and Public Policy and I have been involved with ASUR’s club & organization advisory board and social affairs since my freshman year. My love for our constant evolving university has inspired me to run for ASUR president so we can continue to create a transparent and warm environment that will allow all of us to feel welcomed and at home! I have set three goals that I plan to focus on during my presidency which are: to make sure every student’s voice is heard, promoting mental and physical health & wellness throughout the University of Redlands, working towards making our school more sustainable. If voted ASUR President for the 2017 – 2018 school year, I will hold myself and others in office accountable for our promises and do everything I possibly can to create a home for all of you!


Ghenet Tesfai


Hey Bulldogs, my name is Ghenet Tesfai and with all the uncertainty in our world today, I want to be the president that can uplift and unite our student body with compassion, understanding, and appreciation of unique qualities that we each bring to this campus. To create an atmosphere that allows each one of us to feel welcomed and encouraged to use our voices; and create a social climate that allows our differences to bring us closer as human beings. I aim to be the type of president that focuses on accountability and transparency. If you elect me as your president, I will be honest, hardworking and accessible, I will strive to represent every issue that is brought to me with urgency and thoughtfulness. It would be such an honor to be your  president and a dream come true for me.

Amma Adomaa-Fordjour

The Elections Commission did not receive a press release from this candidate by the designated deadline


Kamal Bilal

The Elections Commission did not receive a press release from this candidate by the designated deadline


Donald Hall


Hi everyone, my name is Donald Hall and I’m running to be the ASUR President. After being the ASUR Judicial Chair for this year, I decided that I would like continue working for the students of Redlands in a higher capacity. As ASUR President, I plan on creating a bridge of communication between Public Safety and the students to make sure that our campus is safe and to work on increasing our environmental sustainability throughout the school. Go Bulldogs!


Peter Kaffen


My name is Peter Demetrios Kaffen, and I am honored to announce my declaration of presidency to the finest university not only in all of California, but the world. I believe Redlands is a truly unique and original gem, that fosters the growth of individuals and brings life long friends together through campus participation, enriching education, and a team of administrators that know what they’re doing. As president I would do my best to add to this fulfilling index of incredible attributes. Moreover, I would help further and achieve what makes this school great by improving our sustainability (in the Commons, on campus, and in the dorms), boosting our diversity and inclusion on this campus through school sponsored events and clubs, create a compost in order to aid in the SURF farm agricultural cultivation, increase our level of freshman retention rates, and impact the community of Redlands at large for the better. This message is approved by Presidential Nominee: Peter Kaffen.



  • Willow Higgins

    University of Redlands senior, Public Policy and English double major and previous Editor-in-Chief of the Redlands Bulldog. Higgins retired from her leadership position to study journalism abroad, and will return as a full-time reporter.