President Kuncl to Resign This Spring

President Kuncl to Resign This Spring

On Nov. 9 in an email sent to the university community, Ralph and Nancy Kuncl announced their resignations from the presidency. The two plan to leave on June 30 and will “work to facilitate a smooth leadership transition.”

In the letter, Ralph Kuncl ascribes the near-conclusion of the university’s donation campaign, Forever Yours, as a “bookend symmetry” to the end of his presidency. The campaign was first approved just before his inauguration in 2013.

Throughout the rest of the email, President Kuncl reinforces themes of “revival” and “spirit” to highlight his time and progress made at the university, such as the acquisition of the Marin campus in 2019. 

Ralph Kuncl became the 11th President of the University of Redlands in August 2012 after serving as Provost and Executive Vice President at the University of Rochester. There was no mention of a specific timeline in which the President and his wife would be replaced, though presumably it will happen before the next academic year.

The announcement came as a surprise for many as the university reckons with its handling of race and racism on campus. Furthermore, Dean Kendrick Brown recently announced his departure from the university to take effect in January 2021.