Outside Redlands: 5 Outdoor Adventures

The great outdoors: elusive to many and solace to all. There is something about being outside that relaxes the individual and fulfills countless health benefits. Not only does taking in the sun’s ray act as to boost for your mood, but exercise is easiest when you’re distracted by the view. Here in Redlands, nature is found in many varying forms which can be great supplements to your life on campus. With the mountains in sight, and perfect weather the majority of the time, we are fortunate to have such easy and pleasant access to nature. While on campus,  beauty is within reach with a short drive or a glimpse up the mountains.

Oakmont Park

Within the Redlands city limits there are many places to hike, such as Oakmont Park. The trail twists around the top of the mountain overlooking Live Oak Canyon. The twists and turns keeps you on your toes, and provides a breathtaking view. Once on the top of the mountain the trail flattens among the ridges providing an unobstructed view. This is an easy hike, that doesn’t require much skill level, and provides a nice break from city life. The picnic area at the head of the trail also provides the ability to share a meal before or after a hike.


Location: 31212 Sutherland Dr  Redlands, CA 92373

Box Springs Mountain- Two Trees Trail

Box Springs Mountain is perfect for a leisurely hike, with lizards galore. People are free to bike the main path and horse trails are abundant. Although, if neither biking or riding horseback are appealing, the trails pose a series of small challenges for those on foot. The views are amazing and at the top, the Moreno Valley ‘M’ is visible. Similar to the Redlands ‘R’, the large white ‘M’ rests at the peak of one of the mountains, readily available to climb. As aforementioned, there seemed to be an abundance of lizards, large and small, a change from the occasional lizard seen on campus.


Location: 9699 Box Springs Mountain Rd  Moreno Valley, CA 92557

Wild Donkeys – Moreno Valley

The drive into Box Springs was breathtaking and surrounded by mountain homes and desert landscaping… and donkey crossing signs. The wild burros of Moreno Valley reside in the foothills of the mountain, and are serene in the area they roam and cohabitate with humans No one is entirely sure how the donkeys ended up in the mountain range in the first place, but a common theory is that a rancher brought them from Death Valley in the 1950’s. The donkeys are feral, but don’t shy away from humans. However, they cannot be fed, as that will land you a fine in Riverside county.


Location: Moreno Valley, Box Springs Mountain

San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary – Carriage Trail

The Carriage trail is located in the Redlands, a short drive from the campus. This 5.2 mile hike is easy enough to enjoy, with enough challenge to keep the path  interesting. The trail initially runs along a small creek that creates a streak of green in the otherwise desert landscape. The peak of the trail offers sweeping views of breathtaking sites, one can look in all directions and see breathtaking sites. On one of the first peaks, a sign appears honoring the contributions of the Smiley brothers who created the trail to provide safe travel for carriages into the canyon.


Location: Off of Alessandro road, Redlands, CA

Forest Falls – Momyer Creek Trail

In the San Bernardino forest, just up the mountain sits the quaint town of Forest Falls. The town itself is situated in the forest and follows the natural ascent of the landscape. Just past the center of town is the head of the trail. To reach the falls themselves you turn left at the fork across the river, but the on the right, the trail also continues up the mountain for breathtaking views. The pine cones are comically large and cacti grow in between pine trees. The landscape is beautiful, and far enough up the mountain to be slightly cooler temperatures than in Redlands, which is  the perfect weather for hiking. Whether taking the trail or walking along the crisp mountain river, Forest Falls does not disappoint.


Location: 40560 Valley of the Falls Dr, Forest Falls, CA 92339