In 2016, the university campus culture was going through a tumultuous shift to bring more representation for people of color on campus. Student action was palpable through forums and the creation of a sorority who wore invisible crowns. Alpha Chi Delta was refounded on campus in 2016 as a Multicultural sorority.


Vice President of Alpha Chi Delta Essence Johnson ‘20 stated: “The founders decided to make an organization that uplifts women of many nationalities and cultures and empowering women through that.”

Founding Class of Alpha Chi Delta

Today, the Queens can often be spotted on campus together, and their support system and love for the organization is clear. They value sisterhood, culture, community service, and empowerment. During the spring 2019 rush, they took a new member class of two.


New member Miracle Cariaga ‘21, shared what drew her to Alpha Chi: “I just love my culture and being who I am and how I became who I am today and on this campus. It is hard to find other girls who feel that same way and appreciate culture and diversity and even going to a predominately white campus, it is hard for me.” “I met a lot of Alpha Chi girls and we all had that in common. We are all open to each other’s culture and the idea of culture and everyone has different ideas of culture,” Cariaga said.


The sorority needs to increase its numbers from 11 to 20 by next Friday. Panhel is allowing a unique opportunity for Alpha Chi Delta to do this through an open rush process. Panhellenic President Tiffani Moorehead ‘19 described open rush as “an option for any sorority once their membership falls below 20. Currently, it is treated as a one week process with three mixers.” During this period first-year students are allowed to rush as well. The events are listed below.


Feb. 8: Karaoke Mixer @4-6:30 p.m. in University Club.


Feb. 11: Vision Board Making @ 5-7 p.m. in Hunsaker 1st Floor Lobby


Feb. 13: Galentine’s @ 7-9 p.m. location to be determined.


Moorehead said: “At the end of this week, girls will be invited with a new version of bid distribution. The girls will be able to jump into the currently happening process and we will help them with any mandatory events they may have missed.”


Alpha Chi Delta is looking for women who are open to sharing their culture and celebrating multiculturalism with their sisters to feel empowered in a home on campus.


Johnson stated: “I was a transfer student, and when I first transferred on I felt really uncomfortable on campus. I felt like I didn’t have much representation within my identity and I really wanted to transfer back home until I met some of the members of Alpha Chi and I started feeling like it was more of a home and a community. I was scared to rush because I felt like joining a sorority isn’t my typical sort of thing as almost 90 percent of my current members feel the same way. And I just fell in love with the sisterhood, it felt like home without even trying and it is the reason I am still here. I want girls to find their home who don’t feel comfortable on this campus or don’t feel like they have space where they can be themselves and feel celebrated.”
If you have any questions about the open rush process contact Alpha Chi Delta President Maya Franklin or Panhellenic President Tiffani Moorhead


Correction: It has been recently established that Alpha Chi Delta will no longer be forced into colony if they do not increase their numbers by Feb. 15.