Meet Our New ASUR President, Anne Thorson!

[Editor’s Note: Below is an interview of our newly elected ASUR President, Anne Thorson, done by staff writer Briana Weekes.]


Q: What made you come to University of Redlands?

Well, I am from Yucaipa, so I kinda knew about it and both of my parents work here. So, I was very aware of it. I actually did not want to come here at first because it was just so close to home, but then I went on a campus tour here and I totally fell in love with it. Everyone had such a strong community and just the vibe.


Q:What have you come to love about this college?

Well, the community and just all the opportunities that we have here for our students are amazing– internship and involvement opportunities. It’s a really student centered place, it’s something that you can tell when you come here. They want to make you a better person before you leave and actually prepare you for the world.


Q: What do you find discouraging about the University of Redlands?

Sometimes people can be a little resistant to change and I think we can work on the communication flow between all parties on this campus.


Q: What made you decide to run for ASUR President?

I felt like I could actually benefit the school by taking on this job. I have been involved with student government since my Freshman year. I felt like I was prepared. I felt like it’s a time where we need someone who can actually communicate between everyone on this campus. I just fit in. I have a lot of ideas like I want to do sexual assault awareness and have resources for victims. I am passionate about a lot of issues on this campus.


Q: What do you think of Redlands as a community as a whole?

I think it’s a great community. There are a lot of different parts to our community and that’s what makes it so special. It’s not like we have one type of student that is the generic Redlands student. Everyone is actually very different and a bunch of communities are very different. I think that is what makes Redlands special compared to other universities.


Q: As ASUR President what role do you play in environment of the school?

Its my job to communicate between those who are running the school like administration, and maybe  faculty, to the students. That way transitions and changes can come fairly smoothly.


Q: How do you plan to voice the opinions of the student body?

I would like to listen to them and be sure to reach out to all the different communities. And then just communicate those in a way to administration that is professional. And then translate what they said back to the students in a way that everyone knows whats going on and nobody feels alienated.


Q: A large part of your campaign was making this campus safer, how do you plan to go about this implementation?

I want more lights, especially between Brockton to here, and here and frat row. I also want to work with Public Safety, so they are doing everything they possibly can to make students feel safer. I am not sure what that would entail, maybe more resources, maybe more officers, that kind of thing.


Q: Besides your safety plan, how do you plan to improve this community?

I think just listening to what the students want and actually acting on that. By having more easily accesible comments boxes or online things, and encouraging anyone to email me with anything they want done, I think is a good way to implement to change that people want to see.


Q: What are your goals?

Currently considering going to Law School.


Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

I don’t really have a lot of free time. But I am on the Mock Trial Team and enjoy that a lot. I am in Sigma, so I hang out with those people. But when I am actually alone chilling I watch Netflix, the normal stuff. I play trumpet so I sometimes do that.


Q: What would your spirit animal be?

An Emperor Penguin! They’re really cute and kinda awkward, but still kind of graceful. They have their moments.