Masquerade Turn Up!

From 10 p.m – 2 a.m on Friday, Nov. 20, the University of Redlands chapter of Enactus will be hosting a Masquerade Turn Up party on the Freshman Quad. All the proceeds for the event will go towards the 12 week long after school program facilitated at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rialto and San Bernardino. The after school program is an extension of I Love You Camp, founded by Johnston Sophomore Kamal Bilal. For more information regarding the camp visit the Redlands Bulldog’s previous article here.

Bilal is looking to change the way Univeristy of Redlands all school parties function through this event.

“I feel like the all school parties now are very similar and homogenous, in the fact that it’s rave culture under this sweaty tent, with these closed walls and EDM music playing,” Bilal said. “I’m trying to have a party that’s more aesthetically pleasing. There’s no walls so that there’s hopefully more room to breathe, and we’re playing music from the early 2000’s to have some type of nostalgic effect.”

Bilal will be DJing along with Jonathan Garcia and Mikyle Gray. Bilal is particularly excited about the music choices to come tomorrow night, with Garcia’s and Gray’s DJ style.

“[They’re] all very well rounded [DJs] and all very in tune with what’s hot and what’s not,” Bilal said.

Students can indulge in free pizza between sets, all the while knowing that their Friday night was spent supporting a positive cause.

Along with education on self empowerment, food nutrition, and financial literacy, the after school workshops will include yoga, meditation, and writing in the curriculum. Student volunteers from the University of Redlands will be involved in teaching at the after school program.

“[These students] are passionate about creating a brighter future and having an impact on underprivileged children,” Bilal said. “This fundraiser will help us buy the necessarily art and sporting materials so we can give these children the best after school program that they’ve seen.”