Letter to the Editor: A Call For More Perspectives

Hi Jonathan,

I hope you are having a wonderful break, if your break has started already.

I really enjoy reading student newspapers, including the Redlands Bulldog. The only thing that has slightly irked me about it is the lack of representation of views from different students. It seems like most, if not all, of the articles are written from a very liberal viewpoint, but I haven’t read all of them, so please correct me if I’m wrong. It might be interesting to both your conservative and liberal readers to present different points of view about certain topics. For example, a lot of newspapers use their “opinions” section to show two different, sometimes opposing, perspectives on the same topic.

As a conservative woman, I would love to write for the Redlands Bulldog, but I fear being patronized or looked down on because my opinions differ than those of the loudest voices on campus (I do believe that there are many conservatives at this school who stay silent about their views because of this same fear). If we really want college to be a safe space for everyone to be themselves, then we should be willing to allow others to voice their opinions without scorn.

Nicole Tobias