Letter from the Editor: Join our Team

Greetings Bulldogs and various worldlings,


The Redlands Bulldog student newspaper welcomes you back to campus, and to another year of reading, reporting and growth. We’re thrilled to begin our third year as a revamped digital publication a bit wiser and more inspired than ever.


Last year was big for the Redlands Bulldog. We covered the election in full force. We dove into the controversy of free speech vs. a safe space. We tackled issues of sexual assault on campus and nationwide. We covered heartache and strife, progress and pride. We worked to be objective, raw, and diligent. In times both trying and jubilant, we were there, pen and paper in hand. We grew as reporters, as an organization, and as a body of people.


And we needed that growth. Because as much as we keep hoping our nation will bounce back, we seem to take another turn for the worse. Hurricanes are destroying our coasts. Refugees remain destitute and immigrant issues continue to divide the nation. The Klu Klux Klan is coming out of the woodworks. It’s a confusing time for us all.


When the world at large is in a state of crisis, good journalism is at the heart of achieving progress.


It’s an exciting time to write. I do not intend to make light of tragedy. I do, however, want to emphasize the power that honest reporting can hold. It is our time to fight the good fight by spreading truth and compiling varying opinions to make sure all voices are heard.


But here is our first call to action: We need more writers. Be involved in our fight for progress by joining the Redlands Bulldog newspaper. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and your work published. There is much to be said, and many ways to say it. In order to have the capacity to cover all that needs to be covered, we are looking to expand our team. We hope to diversify our staff in all facets, and are specifically looking to acquire more conservative reporters. If you are a writer or photographer interested in putting your skills to good use, please reach out to willow_higgins@redlands.edu.


We promise to continue to cover issues of sexual consent and assault in relation to topics that we addressed last year. We will get into politics. We will fight to hear opinions from both sides of the aisle. We will introduce our new dean and other key faculty members that are new to campus. We will report on all events relevant to every Bulldog. You can rely on us to be right there with you, through the good, the bad and the ugly.


If you have an opinion, thought or quandary you feel needs to be addressed, please send your ideas our way. We’ll dive right in.


I look forward to our work together.



Your Editor-in-Chief

Willow Grace Higgins


  • Willow Higgins

    University of Redlands senior, Public Policy and English double major and previous Editor-in-Chief of the Redlands Bulldog. Higgins retired from her leadership position to study journalism abroad, and will return as a full-time reporter.