Letter from the Editor: A Change in Leadership

Dear Redlands Bulldog readers,


For the past year-and-a-half, the Bulldog has been my baby, my best friend, my therapist, and my partner. It has also been my nemicise, an all consuming leach, an addiction that I can’t seem to free myself from. This newspaper is my everything and I have loved every second of it.


After a year as the News Editor and a year-and-a-half as the Editor-in-Chief, I will be leaving the publication to spend the Spring Semester of my junior year in Paris studying political journalism. I hope to push myself as a journalist, which in part, will be done by reporting for the Bulldog while abroad. I will return to the university and to the newspaper my senior year as a section editor or as a staff reporter. I want to listen and I want to write. I want to investigate and I want to learn. More than anything, I want my talented colleagues to have the opportunity to flourish in a leadership position.


The Redlands Bulldog is young. The paper was born in the fall of 2015 with a small staff and an even smaller budget. It’s been amazing to watch it grow in all of its facets. Our staff has nearly doubled in size, the quantity and quality of our content has increased dramatically and our perspectives have diversified. We have published a total of 335 stories and about 100 of those were published this semester alone. We have told stories of heartbreak and progress, independence and courage. We have passed a charter that protects our funding and our freedom of speech. We have made mistakes, and learned from them too. We have worked in unison with the student body to be a voice for the heard and unheard. I am proud of all that we have accomplished and I am thrilled for what remains in store.


Talullah Plummer-Blanco and Emilia Rivera were this year’s Opinion and Culture Section Editors. The two of them will be taking over the position of Editor-in-Chief, and I am certain that they are perfect candidates for the job. The Redlands Bulldog is in good hands.


I want to thank every individual that has read and supported this news publication, and I plead you to stay tuned. Progress is coming.


Sincerely yours,

Editor-in-Chief (May 2016- Dec. 2017)

Willow Grace Higgins


photo courtesy of Redlands Bulldog photo editor Halie West


  • Willow Higgins

    University of Redlands senior, Public Policy and English double major and previous Editor-in-Chief of the Redlands Bulldog. Higgins retired from her leadership position to study journalism abroad, and will return as a full-time reporter.