Launch: A Test & Guest Kitchen: Is it something to look forward to?

Launch: A Test & Guest Kitchen: Is it something to look forward to?

In preparation for the newly developing Launch Test Kitchen, Harvest Table has been setting up pop-up stands for student to sample different meal options that will be available. The new eating establishment “Launch” is set to officially open on Mar. 1. The salads I sampled were the Roasted Turkey Farro Salad, the Rainbow Salad, and the Green Goodness Salad. 


Upon visiting the stand I was greeted by colorful signs, small bowls of veggies and helpful faces to guide my choices. 


The first salad I tried was the “Rainbow Salad,” consisting of a quinoa lentil blend, cage-free egg, avocado, shredded beets, roasted mushroom, chickpeas, Parmesan, pumpkin seeds, and arugula avocado caesar dressing. The salad seemed to be going for what I would call a healthy spin on the caesar salad. Colors consisted of green, green, and some random bits of quinoa, not seeming much like a rainbow. I took my bite with an open and hopeful mind and while I’m not the biggest fan of Caesar salad, this was an interesting mix on the concept and proved to be pleasing. 


“It’s good to have more vegetarian options,” Freshman Audrey Crook, a friendly passersby mentioned. She went on to say she appreciated the healthy option that accommodated to her diet while also having protein. 


Next I tried the Roasted Turkey Farro Salad. This one, unlike its counterpart, this was truly colorful with fun bursts of yellow, red, orange, beige, and, of course, green. With oven-roasted turkey, lemon herb farro, spicy broccoli, turmeric cauliflower, pickled red onion, walnuts, and a carrot miso dressing, this salad was exciting and interesting. 


From moist turkey to the pleasant hint of mild spice, this option is a comfortable and delicious option for any day you’re craving poultry. 


“You know when you taste something and you don’t really know what it is but you’re pleasantly surprised? This is it,” said Sabrina Nunn, Junior, another friendly passerby. 


The last salad to mention is the “Green Goodness Salad.” This salad, while named presumably to emphasize health, should rather be called the Green Goddess Salad due to how flavorful and fun I found it to be.


With a quinoa lentil blend, spicy roasted broccoli, avocado, roasted sweet potato, mushroom, feta, kale spring mix, and pesto vinaigrette, there was a lovely mix of sweet and spicy that left me with a clean aftertaste and desire for a second bite. My only complaint, however, is that the broccoli seemed to soak up every single spice they put into the salad, making my bite of the cruciferous vegetable taste like I was eating pure salt. Other than that, it was a great salad, but I recommend leaving out the broccoli. 


Overall, this pop up stand proved to be successful within my consideration and makes me hopeful for the new addition to the eating options at the University of Redlands. 

[hr gap=””]Photograph by Hannah Sobel.