Goats Visit Campus for a Yoga Session

Goats Visit Campus for a Yoga Session

Last month, students took to their yoga mats and participated in a session of “Goat Yoga.” The event, hosted by ASUR Social Affairs, consisted of goats walking around and on top of students while they posed in various positions.

The goats, Felix, Koko, and Ivy, combed through the grass on Orton Lawn as they tussled in between yogis’ legs mid-warrior pose. 

Lying face-down in child’s pose provided a perfect landscape for the goats to jump on top of students’ backs. Felix, the black goat, was particularly heavy, so his impact was felt a bit more than others, participants reported.

One by one, each participant got the chance to interact with every goat as trainers guided them through the rows, allowing humans to turn into the goats’ own playground.

There were two available sessions for participants to attend in the evening. The event was hosted in collaboration with Laughing Frog Yoga and Hello Critter, two Los Angeles-based companies that focus on providing goat yoga services.

Yoga lessons with goats have become a particularly popular phenomenon throughout the last few years. The goats, combined with the physical practices of yoga, are said to improve mental health and induce relaxation.

According to their website, Hello Critter adopted Koko and Ivy from a ranch where goats are used for consumption as milk and meat products. Felix, born in April of 2019, is described as friendly and the company’s “most reliable goat yoga.” Among the jumps, sniffs, and head-pokes, students could tell as he quickly emerged a fan-favorite.

Photos contributed by Beyla Sobel.