Getting Better by Playing Better: Women’s Lacrosse

Getting Better by Playing Better: Women’s Lacrosse

Playing a round of golf with Rory McIlroy will make anyone better. The women’s lacrosse team scrimmaged ASU, a better team, last Saturday, Feb. 11. Although they fought with spirit through the three halves, David did not fare too well in the battle against Goliath this time, as the Bulldogs suffered a sizable defeat (10-3 at the end of the second half).


This was not a game the University of Redlands expected to win, but no soul can say they did not compete with inspiring intensity. The play was fierce from start to finish. The laziness of the overcast Saturday morning did little to dampen their attitude and effort.  Both teams brought an energy that would turn that lazy into crazy– a crazy awesome game.


Lacrosse sticks clanged like swords in battle, making the play was captivating. It was my first lacrosse game, but it will not be my last. The Lady Bulldogs displayed an undeniable want to win, even with the probability of a “W” fleeting fast with the shocking frequency of ASU’s scoring. Still, heads never hooked, and they played on, competing admirably against all odds to create a riveting spectacle of athleticism and heart I will not soon forget.


Seeing them hang tough and compete with the D1 powerhouse that is ASU, foreshadows a great season to come. Their irrefutable desire to win reflects a team willing to lose against a superior team to ultimately become better. To quote Batman Begins, “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” Even the great Batman is not infallible. Redlands and Whittier face off on Feb. 24, so come out and support.


photo courtesy of reporter, Matthew Rigot