From The ASUR Presidential Candidates

From The ASUR Presidential Candidates

Below are statements from both of the 2016-2017 ASUR Presidential candidates, Anne Thorson and Emma Wade, respectively.

Hello Bulldogs!

My name is Anne Thorson and I am running to be your next ASUR President! I have been involved with ASUR Senate since my freshman year, and have served as the Senate Chair on both ASUR Senate and ASUR Cabinet. My love for the University of Redlands inspires me to work hard in hopes that every single student considers Redlands their home. Throughout my time in leadership, I have realized how important it is to interact with the entire student body, especially those outside of student government. One of my main goals is to create a warm environment where all students feel comfortable to express opinions about issues such as: diversity, safety, sustainability, social events, and any other university policy, whether it’s through open forums or an increased ASUR presence on social media. The wellbeing of the student body is my top priority, and I will do everything I can to help my fellow Bulldogs feel safe, comfortable, and understood.

Campus safety is incredibly important to me, especially given the recent events of last semester. Too many students on campus do not even feel comfortable doing something as simple as walking home at night, and this needs to change. Adding more lights on campus and providing more resources to teach students applicable self-defense skills can easily solve this problem.

One of the issues I am most passionate about is providing support to sexual assault victims on campus. The prevalence of sexual assault has become far too common for our University to simply maintain its current policies. We need to call for increased funding to the counseling center, greater awareness of reporting policies, and more effective emotional support groups for victims of sexual assault.

If elected ASUR President, I will ensure that every student’s voice is heard, and do everything in my power to help students find their home at Redlands.

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My Fellow Bulldogs, 

My name is Emma Wade and I am so excited to be running for 2016-2017 ASUR President! This academic year has seen our students taking a stand on many issues, building an active community, and establishing that the University will always change and evolve as the world around us does the same. Empowering one another to speak up and speak out about the issues burdening our minds is exactly what I want my campaign and potential presidency to be about. I believe in the power of collective student voices; the ability of students to create change through commitment and effective dialogue. 

Through my presidency, I would like to accomplish three overarching goals: 

1) Making certain that we have an inclusive community with which we can grow. Our education goes way beyond the classroom and your community needs to support. 

2) I want to make sure that people in positions of power, including myself if elected, are accountable to the promises we make and the duties that come along with our jobs. 

3) Our school is marketed as a green campus and we need to uphold those values: ecoclamshells should be free for all students, the water waste needs to stop, and divestment should be a priority.

 We are in such a unique time in Redlands history. Our students have truly bonded to create a collective voice – one that says we will challenge tradition, inspire change and strive to be great. I’m so appreciative to have this opportunity. I would not be here if not for the support from my Bulldog family. I want to extend that network of support and love to others, and make that network the overall culture of the school. If I were elected, I would be the first black female ASUR President. I think this is important, and shows the community where we stand: we stand ready to face some of the challenges that colleges all across the nation are facing. We stand united. 

Do not let your voice fade, vote Emma Wade.