Fraternity SKA Suspended Until a Year After Former Members Graduate

The outcome of the Organizational Misconduct Board was shared with the Greek community on Jan. 28. Following an incident last Oct. in which a student was seriously harmed, the Sigma Kappa Alpha fraternity (SKA) has been suspended until a year after former members have graduated or otherwise left the University.


Having spoken to students familiar with the incident, The Redlands Bulldog learned that the incident occurred last year on Friday, Oct. 26. An inebriated student was abandoned and injured in a residence hall bathroom after leaving the SKA residence.


Though word has traveled among students that their charter was suspended, Associate Dean of Student Affairs Ken Grcich formally notified the Greek community last week of the Board’s decision. The Board found that SKA had violated the student code of conduct in five ways: hazing, conduct which threatens the safety of any person, providing alcohol to someone under 21, forged documents/false information and getting someone to manipulate the student conduct system.


Though SKA had never had a serious violation before, the Board, composed of two faculty and three staff members, found SKA responsible for the incident. The notification was delayed because of ongoing action being taken against individuals. While one outstanding matter remains unresolved, the University saw no reason to delay this information.


After the former members have graduated and the grace period has passed, SKA “will be considered for recolonization with appropriate support from the university and alumni,” as Grcich said.

Dean Grcich took the opportunity to remind Greek organizations that hazing would never be tolerated. He also spoke of the new member education session about hazing, which will be hosted by Student Involvement and Success on Feb. 4.


The Redlands Bulldog is developing a comprehensive story about the incident. It will include perspectives from SKA, comments from people present and the University’s investigation. Any student with a perspective to share is welcome to contact the Redlands Bulldog and they may remain utterly anonymous.


Photo contributed by Redlands Bulldog photographer Miracle Cariaga. 


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  1. You might want to fact check which organization actually let him go to the bathroom alone. The way it has been passed is that another organization’s new member removed the intoxicated individual from the house. Still doesn’t relieve the organization of it’s responsibility, but the individual being abandoned in the bathroom was casused by the other organizations new member. This individual should feel especially guilty. That is all.

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