Faculty Spotlight: Peter Tupou

Faculty member Peter Tupou is always around campus doing one thing or another. While Peter’s official job title is Chapel Events Coordinator, he is known for his wide range of contributions to the University community. Not only does Peter sing our Alma Mater every year for both Opening Convocation and Commencement; he is also involved with the School of Music and sings in the choir. Additionally, he is the advisor for two Greek organizations, and is always helping students with anything and everything they need to achieve their full potential.

Peter in Liverpool


Here are five fast facts you probably didn’t know about him:

  1. He used to live in the Alumni House, and the women who work in the house always looked forward to hearing him sing in the shower.
  2. He has lived in five countries, his native country of Tonga, along with New Zealand, Britain and Fiji.
  3. He started at the University as a student, and then transitioned into working as the Assistant Director of Event Services. Since then, he has held a variety of positions around campus. Tupou may very well have one of the most comprehensive first-hand understandings of the University!
  4. He has attended six colleges, including Oxford University and Harvey Mudd. His fields of study have ranged from mathematics and physics to music.
  5. While Peter has kept his head bald for a number of years, he used to have dreadlocks all the way down to his waist!



Now you know a little something about the friendly face you see all around campus. Feel free to say hi to Peter, and get to know why he is such a popular administrator among students and staff alike.