Evan Sanford hosts Redlands Tonight

The first episode of Redlands Tonight was taped Thursday Oct. 27th in the Loewe Theater.

The Improv team, sponsored by the University of Redlands Artist Collective, performed while  the audience entered the theater at 6:30pm. They helped the audience relax, smile and laugh. After the Improv team finished their performance, the first live broadcast began.

University of Redlands senior Evan Sanford, the host of the show, entered the stage with beloved university mascot, Thurber. The audience showed great enthusiasm in having Thurber appear as a special guest.

Evan settled down in a comfy chair and then introduced the first guest of the show Art Svenson, political science professor. Svenson was prompted to share his two experiences teaching in China as a Fulbright scholarship recipient. Both in 2011 and 2016, Svenson taught American Government. Svenson holds China dear to his heart as he and his wife adopted their two daughters, Cece and Elle, from China. Svenson revealed that one of his daughters passed away from leukemia, and he urged students to attend the City of Hope blood drive on campus in honor of his young daughter Cece.

Following Svenson’s meaningful interview, there was a lighthearted and comedic performance. The spotlight focused on sophomore Sam Acuna portraying Hillary Clinton and senior Alex Bueermann portraying Donald Trump on the stage. In a Saturday Night Live style, they satirically reenacted the presidential debate. The skit had the audience members, laughing, cheering and clapping. The humorous content was written by freshman Komz Muthyalu.

“My favorite part of this show, was coming up with segment ideas. I wrote the monologues and the segment on the election called Debate Prep. We are focusing on the election on this show because it is so relevant today,” Muthyalu stated.

The next segment highlighted and focused on the students of the University of Redlands. Evan Sanford interviewed seniors Ariana Savci and Chloe Conrad.

Ariana Savci spoke about the miniseries documentary she has created, called One Nation Under Erdogan. She is a Turkish American, which inspired her to document Turkish American perspectives about current events in Turkey. For example, she brought up the recent attempted coup of the Turkish government and how she feels the government was taking away basic rights in her country. She shared that the government was limiting the citizen’s freedom of press by dictating the content citizens could read and write in the newspaper.  

Chloe Conrad’s interview focused on Greek Life. She spoke about the wonderful community that she found in Greek life. Conrad serves on the Greek Council as a representative for Greek life in the ASUR cabinet. She also serves as the Song chair for her own sorority, Delta Kappa Psi.

Concluding the show, Evan Sanford and his production team took a bow. In that moment, they had made Redlands History. With the help of 11 talented, script writers, cameramen, and producers, Sanford was able to host the University of Redlands first TV show.

“It’s been a dream of mine to make this [the TV show Redlands Tonight] happen, I’ve been thinking about it for the last year and it just finally presented itself with the opportunity and I’ve met some incredible people who share my same interest…I am the host of the show, but I would be nothing if I did not have this fantastic crew,” Sanford said.


Make sure to watch the first airing of the TV series at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uMRLm-Q6As&feature=youtu.be

If you are interested in being a part of the production of the University of Redlands TV show contact Evan_Sanford@redlands.edu


  • Kristen Sauceda

    Kristen Sauceda is currently a freshman at the University of Redlands. She is a 2016 Hunsaker Scholar who works as a research assistant for two English professors. She is the social media coordinator for the newspaper and the convocation and lectures committee. Kristen is interested in reading literature , writing poetry, learning about history, playing her flute, traveling the world and discussing politics. She is double majoring in Public Policy and Political Science. She wants to make Education Policy at the Federal or State Level. She wants to improve the public education system to benefit the teachers and the students.