End of March Horoscope

End of March Horoscope

End of March Horoscopes for 3/18/2020-3/31/2020.

By Madelyne Mergens and Katherine Chase.

*check sun, moon, and rising sign for a more accurate prediction!*


Aries; You will have a decision to make regarding a situation. You may have to leave some things behind when you make this decision, as you transform into something more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Watch how you handle this decision as your own thoughts may become obsessive or overly pessimistic. Everything you decide now will have lasting effects into your summer months, and spending time appreciating mother earth is essential right now. 


Taurus; You may feel especially down on yourself for situations that are bringing your spirits low. Don’t place all the blame on yourself, Taurus, as everything must sometimes decay and rot. Hold firm on the path you are headed towards, as you will likely be tested during this time to see if the things you have been wishing for are really all that good for you. 


Gemini; Sometimes, things are really just out of our control. When we fall, sometimes the best thing to do is just get back up and assess the damage so that we can continue from where we are at. You may intuit that you are headed into somewhat of a trying period of time, but just know that you will have help navigating this time. Lucky for you, your personality is zesty and full of life, which makes you charming even in harder times. You are not alone.


Cancer; Your emotions may be somewhat difficult to truly understand right now, Cancer. You may stagnate, unless you really take the time to ask yourself why you are doing what you have been doing. Operating on autopilot is not an option for you right now, especially when it comes to your emotional self. If you do the proper self analysis, you will come into contact with an aspect of yourself you forgot existed, much like receiving a visit from an old friend. 


Leo; Don’t let yourself fall victim to people who have a vendetta against the world these next few weeks. You are radiant, and people who are feeling stormy will be jealous of your sunshine tendencies. It may take extra effort to head in the direction you want to go, but you have the heart to pull you through any tough situation. 


Virgo; Use what has finished in your life as a guide to direct you to where you should be focused next in life. If something conventional has ended, what is that thing you have been wanting to chase after for yourself for a while now? Conserve what you have now, as many people may be needing you to help them without being able to repay you immediately right now. Don’t see this as charity, Virgo, people must love each other unconditionally right now. 


Libra; You may currently be re-evaluating a big life plan or relationship, Libra. You are receiving advice or guidance on this situation and you know what must be done, but you ego is getting in the way. What you’re hearing may not be what you want to hear, but you know it’s what must be done. Put your pride aside and listen to this voice of reason, and everything will fall into place. 


Scorpio; Times having been trying lately Scorpio, and right now you may be searching for emotional guidance on how to manage everything. Lean on loved ones right now, but also learn to trust your intuition. Use this time to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level, and do a little soul searching. Though things may be stressful, you will manage and you will be able to handle whatever the next few weeks bring. 


Sagittarius; You’ve been searching for something or someone missing from your life for quite a while, and now is the time to be decisive with what you want. The thing you want is within your grasp, and it’s in your hands to make it happen. In this case it is up to you, not fate, to make this happen. Trust what feels right, and act on it. You are managing things well right now, so it would be in your favor to make a decision soon.


Capricorn; In the coming weeks, a new opportunity in school or work will present itself to you. Take advantage of it, as it will prove to be beneficial. In your personal life, there may be a figure who is trying to assert power over you, or who you are clashing with. Stand your ground against this person Capricorn, and don’t be afraid to fight for what you need.


Aquarius; There are a handful of people in your life who are deeply influencing you right now Aqaurius, and they are taking up a lot of your headspace. Be sure to maintain your sense of self right now, and listen to yourself and vocalize your needs. Prioritize balance in your life, and trust that you are on the right path, regardless of what others may think. 


Pisces; Pisces, you may be struggling with low-self esteem right now, and this is leading you into compulsive habits. Now is the time to make logical decisions over emotional ones, and separate your feelings from the facts of the situation. Your emotions are valid, but it’s important to be aware of when they’re clouding your perception of reality. Try to let go or any resentment you may be harboring, and you will feel much lighter. 

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