Extravagant music and wild cheers could be heard echoing around Orton Center on the night of Oct. 19. Drag-O-Ween was in full swing, filled with flashy costumes, unparalleled dance moves and witty banter. This event, put on by the Pride Center, was a chance for students from all over campus to come together to experience an extremely unique and entertaining show. Student members of the Pride Center worked exceptionally hard to put on this event and its success showed in the overjoyed expressions on the faces of every audience member.


Drag Queen showing off her best dance moves in response to student’s cheers.

Drag Queen striking a pose to begin her performance.

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Performers ventured into the crowd to interact with audience members.
A dramatic hair flip dazzles the audience.
Five students from the audience participate in a costume contest.
Students took turns strutting down the runway and modeling their costumes for the audience.
Two winners of the costume contest are chosen by audience vote.
Drag Queen shows off her extravagant style the audience.
All three performers come together for a final show.
Drag Queen banters with her fellow performers at the end of the show.
Drag Queens finish the show by telling the audience more about themselves and encouraging students to attend future performances.


Photos contributed by Redlands Bulldog photographer Maeve Wieneck.