Dance Co. Perform Personalities in: Persona

On Dec. 6, the University of Redlands Dance Co. performed their annual show, this year entitled Persona. The Redlands Bulldog photographer Hannah Sobel photographed the performance. According to the show’s program notes:


“This semester we chose Persona as our show title because of the many different characters, or persons we are taking on throughout the various pieces in the show. We used a mirror in our photoshoot, and all wore a different color to showoff each of our personalities. To tie this all together the dances in the first act are more character oriented, as if we are all trying on different persons in order to find the right fit. Then, in the second act the dances embody a sense of knowing ourselves and showing who we are; developing our own personas through movement and dance.”








[hr gap=””]Photographs by Hannah Sobel, ’22.