Count on Me: A Social Movement

Count on Me: A Social Movement

With recent explosions of conversations around the topics of diversity and privilege, many students, primarily students of color, have led and joined these conversations. But what about those who haven’t joined the conversation?        

Those who participate or want to participate in helping to eliminate discrimination and oppression can take the “Count on Me” pledge and wear the pin for the week of April 4 – 8, 2016. The task may seem daunting, but there are steps that everyone can take. Some statements on the pledge includes:

  • “In any situation when a person of marginalized identity is trying to have their voice heard, I will be the one to listen actively.
  • It’s normal to experience guilt for being on the side of privilege. But I know that it’s crucial to understand it’s not about me. I will not hog the spotlight or the emotional energy. I’ll provide the emotional support.”

To read the rest of the pledge or sign it, come to CDI or the Count on Me tabling outside the Commons the week of April 4-8.

This social movement is co-sponsored by UDLC and CDI to promote education and importance of allyship.
This movement, said sophomore Chelsea Ho in a Facebook message, “calls attention to the lack of engagement from a group of people who actually have more power (and obligation) than they realize to help mobilize diversity work that has been happening on campus this past year.”

As the pledge says, “Allyship is an ongoing process.” Even those who are part of one marginalized group can be better allies to those in other oppressed groups. As Ho says,

This is very much a first step to engage people to become allies but people who genuinely care should look to continue growing as an ally even after the Count On Me week ends. There’s still a lot of work to do for next year, so allies should participate more in diversity programming and keep practicing their skills on speaking up and acting as an ally in spaces like their homes, workplaces, parties, etc.”