The Bulldogs Swim Team is Ready to get the New Season Started

The Bulldogs Swim Team is Ready to get the New Season Started

The Redlands Bulldogs Swim Team kicked off the beginning of their season with the Annual Bulldog Pentathlon where they swam against a couple other teams including Pomona Pitzer— the reigning SCIAC champions. The events competed in are the 100 yard free stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke and individual medley.


Two members of the Redlands Swim team, juniors Jordan Convery and Olivia Cano, answered some questions regarding the first event of the season, the new assistant head coach, and what goals they’ve set for themselves this season. 


For those who don’t know, how does the Annual Bulldog Pentathlon work? 

JC: The way the pentathlon works is that everyone swims the same five events and then at the end all the times are added together to determine the rankings. Most people don’t achieve a personal best because it is early in our season and the focus of this meet is on racing good competition.

OC: Right, so the 100 IM is seeded [set up] based on the sum of the times from the previous four events. The swimmers who swam the fastest overall are placed in the last heat. I placed sixth overall which was the highest Redlands women’s placement. I was also faster in the majority of my events this year compared to last year so I was pleased with my performance. 


How is it working with new Assistant Coach Nate Harding? 

JC: Nate has been a great coach so far. 

OC: I love the new assistant coach. He is clearly very passionate about swimming and he’s giving the team many new ways to improve. His dry land [training] is geared towards helping us improve in the pool and his swim sets allow us to focus on a part of our swimming that we want to improve. Coach Nate truly cares about the team and is doing all he can to help everyone improve. 

JC: Yeah, he provides clear explanations to all the workouts we do in practice which shows how the sets we do will help certain aspects of our swimming.


What does a typical practice look like?

JC: Practices vary throughout the week

OC: It usually starts with stretching and an easy, short warmup. 

JC: There’s usually a warm up at the beginning that’s followed by some heart rate or drill sets after. Those sets prepare us for the one main set which is the focus of our workout and that’s followed by a cool down.  

OC: We may do some progressive speed work to prepare for the main set and that set varies based on the day. It can be a cruise practice, kick practice, breath control practice, sprint practice, or a practice that focuses on every stroke but freestyle.


How do you see this season going and what goals have you set for yourself? 

OC: I see this season going much better than last season. I think the team is much stronger and that with Coach Nate everyone will perform much better at SCIACS. 

JC: This season should be great for everyone on the team, we have a great coaching staff, and a strong field of athletes with a drive to improve in and out of the water.  

OC: My personal goals include to final in all my events at SCIACS and because of that I want to break my times in the 400 IM and 100 & 200 breast. Specifically, I want to break 4:40 in the 400 IM, 1:07 in the 100 breast, and 2:20 in the 200 breast. For the team, my goal is for both the girls and boys to place third at SCIACS. 

JC: My goals this season are to go best times in my races at our conference meet and to make championship final in at least one of my individual swims.


When asked to describe the team both Convery and Crano agreed that the team is a family. “We’re energetic and hardworking,” Crano said. “We’re also very supportive and dedicated,” Convery added. Both are excited to get the season started and see what’s in store for them and the team this year.


The Bulldogs will be swimming their last meet of 2019 at the SCIAC Invitational in Pasadena on November 23 and 24. Their season will continue with their first home meet on January 11, 2020.

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