Bulldogs Against Hate March in Protest through Downtown Redlands

Following the successful campus protest against hateful rhetoric last Thursday, Nov. 10, the University of Redlands group, Bulldogs Against Hate, felt that it was time to spread anti-hate ideas to the outer-community. On the evening of Nov. 17, approximately 200 students, faculty and community members met at the Memorial Chapel to march to Redlands Market Night, a weekly farmers market held on State Street. Students held signs and chanted phrases that promoted love and acceptance within the community. Student Makenna Johnson made pins with hearts for the activists to show solidarity for those who may be marginalized further by future policy.

The activists were met with mixed responses from the Redlands community. Along the way, many residents honked their car horns in support. Contrastingly, a group of people yelled and threw trash at the marchers. One car quickly accelerated towards the students as they were crossing the road. At Market Night, many community members clapped and showed their support, while others shaked their heads and asked what the point of the walk was. A woman interjected the crowd and held her arms out. Some tried to counter the marchers’ chant, “love more, less hate” with “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Many people seemed dumbfounded and took videos on their smart phones. Overall, Bulldogs Against Hate successfully spread their message against hateful rhetoric and demonstrated that love and tolerance will hold a stronger future than hate.

Redlands Bulldog photographer Blair Newman photographs the event












Stay tuned through The Redlands Bulldog and the Bulldogs Against Hate Facebook page about future protests against hateful rhetoric in and around the Redlands area.