Bon Appetit Contract Up for Renegotiation

Bon Appetit’s contract at the University of Redlands is up for renegotiation this Spring. Faculty and administration are already working hard to find either a new food service company or to rewrite the terms of their old contract with Bon Appetit. Each contract lasts on average of five years until renegotiation, although Bon Appetit has been providing food service on this campus for about twenty years. Director of Administrative Services Brett Telford is collaborating with Dean of Student Affairs Donna Eddleman to find the best fit for our campus food services.


This is the tentative schedule for awarding a new contract to be ready for the Fall of 2019 received from Telford:


Fall 2018: A new Request for Proposal (RFP) was written and reviewed by Brett Telford, Donna Eddleman, and a food consultant called Campus Dining Inc. Campus Dining Inc. has an employee base filled with people who have worked in college campus food services before. So they have an inside look at what needs to be happening through the contract.


December 2018: RFP will be released to different dining services that are eligible to work for the university . Telford explains that they have no definite companies (except for Bon Appetit) that will receive the RFP, but there are over five options.


January 2019: All of the companies given the FRP will come to tour the campus and ask questions about the proposal.


March 2019: Finalized RFP, made by Campus Dining Inc., is due.


Late March or Early April 2019: The school administration will narrow the company options down to two or three finalists. These finalists will then come to campus and make a formal proposal presentation. The tentative list of people who will be invited to these presentations include some of the top administration such as President Kuncl, Eddleman, Telford, ASUR, FAC and some of the general student body


April 2019: There will be an evaluation period. This will be discussed between Telford, Eddleman and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Cory Nomura, along with Campus Dining Inc. After the company has been chosen, Campus Dining Inc. will help with contract negotiation.


Late April 2019: The new contract is awarded.


Photo contributed by the Redlands Bulldog photographer Tara Takenaka.