Addie Adoption Arf-Fair

U of R mascot in training, Adelaide, or more prominently known as Addie, and the university hosted a special adoption Arf-fair on Oct. 28 during Homecoming weekend. This idea stemmed from the search for a new mascot when it was announced that Thurber, current mascot, would retire due to old age and declining health. Many students requested that the school find a rescue animal to adopt as the new Bulldog mascot. While the school did not go with a rescued Bulldog adoptee due to complications, they committed to raising awareness for rescue and homeless animal adoption.


Benevolent Animal Rescue Committee (BARC), Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, and San Bernardino City Animal Shelter along with three other organizations or programs hosted the furry friends. A large quantity of small dogs such as Chihuahuas and a few cats who all seemed to be young or middle aged animals were the highlight of the afternoon on Homecoming Day. The Addie Adoption Arf-fair gave dogs and cats a chance at a loving home. Most of the animals were not adopted, while few found a forever home.


According to the American Humane Society, about 3.7 million animals are euthanized each year in the United States. Euthanization is the act of putting a living being, most often a dog or cat, to death humanely. Five in ten dogs and seven in ten cats are put down merely because no one is willing to adopt them. The number of euthanizations have reached an all time low in the Los Angeles and the Inland Empire area because former Mayor James Hahn set a goal for LA to become a no-kill city. A shelter is deemed no-kill if it saves 90 percent or more of its cats and dogs. While, the mayor’s efforts halved the number of euthanizations, still 25 percent of rescue animals are euthanized.

There are procedures to follow for animal adoption. These agencies make sure that you are honest adopter who will treat the pet with love and respect that all animals deserve. Some even go as far as to require home visits before one is allowed to adopt. All of the agencies at the fair where offering special deals and discounts if adoption adoption took place that day.


Don’t fret if you missed this adoption fair, Addie and her owner hinted that this will be the first of many events advocating for adopting rescue animals.If you are interested and capable of adopting a rescue animal, here are the resources to several local animal shelters:

To report an animal related concern or to get an innocent animal off the streets into a shelter, call (909) 798-7644. If you have an emergency after office hours, the Redlands Animal Control asks that you contact the Redlands Police Department (909) 798-7681.
photos contributed by reporter, Amanda Schmalzried.