About the ASUR Senate Candidates

Below are biographies of this year’s candidates for ASUR Senate election. The ASUR Senate is composed of representatives from each residence hall, which allows students to have a voice in student government based on their place of residence. The senate oversees legislation that directly affects students on campus, which makes this election an important aspect of the university’s student government. These biographies aim to educate the student body on the candidates for ASUR Senate in order to help each student make an educated choice in regards to their vote. Voting begins 8 a.m on Monday, Sept. 26 and closes at 5:00pm on Thursday, Sept. 29. The voting ballot will be presented in an email that will have the ballot attached.

“Hello students!
My name is Anna Yabloch and I’m running for ASUR Senate as Cortner representative! One of my plans for Cortner this year is to get a microwave in the lobby. Im also open to working on different projects around campus. I’d also have very open office hours to come up with project ideas. I’m a political science major and I’d really love to make positive changes to campus during this year.”
“Hello, Bulldogs! My name is Allyson Thorson and I am running to be North Hall Senator. I am a sophomore here at the university and I’m studying political science and public policy. Last year I was elected to be the senator for Williams Hall as well as Vice Senate Chair. I hope to be elected again so I may continue my work on the senate and be an aid to the student body. I also aim to complete many projects and be available to listen to students in my office hours. Och Tamale!”
“Hey Bulldogs! I am Erica, a freshman looking to get involved on campus in a positive way. The idea of being able to help students be heard on campus is thrilling to me, and I wish to help create an environment that makes the campus a pleasant place to be for everyone. Hope to see you at the polls!” [Erica is running for Fairmont Senator]
“Hello, my name is Emily! I am a first year student at the University of Redlands and I am super excited to get involved, serving as a positive influence in the college community. In my senior year of high school, I was awarded a Congressional award for community service through acting as president of Santa Clarita Safe Rides. Through that program I learned many valuable leadership and time management skills which I believe qualify me for the position of senator. As a senator I would address any concerns of the community as quickly as possible and continue to improve everyone’s experience here.”
[Emily is running for Anderson Senator]

“To whom this may concern,

My name is Timothy Westerfield and I am a Senior in Business Administration. I hope to represent my hall well by communicating their needs and wants to the senate. I would like to give back to my university through this position by offering the best of my abilities and time. Thank your for you’re consideration.

Thank you for your time,

Timothy Westerfield”

[Timothy is running for Grove Senator]


“Hi fellow off-campus residents!

My name is Ariana Fariab, and I am a Junior majoring in Economics. In the past, I served as the Senate representative for Anderson Hall (2014-2015), as well as the Senate representative for COAB. Prior to that I was Student Council president for my High School, and I am hoping to continue contributing to my school community as a Senator here at Redlands.

As an off-campus Senator, my primary objective would lie in ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. I know that living off campus can sometimes make us feel distanced from our school community, and I am here to serve as a solution to that by acting as a liaison between us off campus students and ASUR, and by ensuring that we are equally represented in our community. I strive for excellence in all that I do, and always focus on attaining the best outcome for everyone. We are all part of our Redlands community, and therefore all deserve to have a say in it. Vote for me and I will make your voice heard this year!”


“Hello, Everyone! My name is Xiaoyue Lyu and my friends like to call me Shirley. I am a senior with double major in Mathematics and Global Business. I was a senate representative of Founders Hall when I was a sophomore. I have a great passion for creating sustainable and innovative impacts to the community. After coming back from study abroad, I decided to run for the senate representative of off-campus students because I want to bring new ideas and solutions to problems that only off-campus students have such as parking problems and personal belongings problems.  Additionally, I would like to bring more bonding activities for off-campus students.”


“Hello there Bulldogs!!!My name is Ghenet Tesfai and I hope to be your off campus Senator. It is important that the Senate be not only diverse, but willing and able to meet the needs of its students. Allow me to fairly and equally represent you all and I promise to hold myself accountable every day in every way! So vote for me and I will not let you down!!


“Hi Bulldogs!

My name is Emma Konugres and I am a freshman here at the University of Redlands.  I am from San Diego, California and I plan on majoring in Communicative Disorders as well as getting my Teaching Credential.  It would be my privilege to serve as the Senator for East Hall.  I am very eager to advocate for what is in your best interest and to implement positive changes in all aspects of campus.  I look forward to meeting and connecting with you all!”


“Hi, I’m Hannah Bockenfeld a junior academic and community Johnston student running for a Senate seat. If I were to be elected I would try and push for more environmentally-sound resource use on campus (i.e. hand dryers in bathrooms or xeriscape gardens). I would also work my best to insure that I was representing my constituents to the best of my ability.”


“Hiya y’all! My name is Dawit (David) M. Aklilu and I’m a Freshman majoring in Economics and Political Science “livin’ like larry” in Anderson Hall and I’m running for ASUR Senate! Some interesting facts about me is I love to speak publicly and debate, I’m a huge Back to the Future fan, and I got to shake Bernie Sanders hand (possibly my crowning life achievement). My goals as your senator, if I have the honor of representing you all, is to fight for and voice all your concerns and wishes to the best of my ability. I believe that the best thing I can offer you is my word to make our time at Redlands an amazing experience. So go out there and vote for me, Love yo faces!”