A Letter from the Editor

Hi friends,

Welcome to the Redlands Bulldog’s second year of providing news to the University of Redlands and its surrounding area. Last year, we worked as a team. As a newspaper staff, as a student body and as a united community, we committed ourselves to being aware of our surroundings and to publicize those surroundings through the art of journalism. We strived for honesty, for accuracy and to push limits. But more than anything, we strived to listen. This year, we intend to do the same and to grow from our past experiences. This digital newspaper serves no purpose but to be the voice of the student body of this university. This is your paper. We are listening for your voice.

My name is Willow Grace Higgins and I am a sophomore at the University of Redlands. It is my sincere honor to introduce my position as this year’s Editor-in-Chief of the Redlands Bulldog.  I have lived, grown and experienced life in the great city of Austin, Texas until my migration to Southern California for college. Throughout my upbringing, I have been shaped by the eccentric and open-minded culture of my hometown. Along the way, I have become in awe of the beauty of humanity and the varying involvements people invest themselves in. This has sparked my obsession with journalism and the power which it holds. I have dedicated a good part of my adolescence to studying journalism; observing the world at large and then learning to convey my observations to others. This is my passion. Nothing will bring me greater joy than practicing my passion in a way that can act as a resource to our friends, peers, colleagues and educators.

This is your paper. I have said this already, but it is worth reiterating. We, at the Redlands Bulldog, want to hear your thoughts. Your ideas. Your questions. The bones you have to pick. It is our job to investigate your quandaries and report on them in a way that is honest and understandable. We too are students and we understand what it is like to be curious about the world and striving to uphold it to certain standards. Let’s work together to unpack our curiosities and educate each other on what is happening around us, whether it is here on campus or across the globe.

You come to college to educate yourselves. That is achieved through academia, but in other mediums too. Read this newspaper. You have my word that the Redlands Bulldog will illuminate student perspectives that you may not hear inside of the classroom.

Email your feedback and story ideas to willow_higgins@redlands.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.


Your Editor-in-Chief,



  • Willow Higgins

    University of Redlands senior, Public Policy and English double major and previous Editor-in-Chief of the Redlands Bulldog. Higgins retired from her leadership position to study journalism abroad, and will return as a full-time reporter.