When: Sunday, Feb. 18 | 5:20 p.m. PT

TV: TNT & ESPN Radio, coverage begins at 4 p.m. PT


With the 67th NBA All-Star game approaching in the midst of the 2018 season, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors’ were chosen as team captains after both received the most fan votes in their separate conferences. The 2018 NBA All-Star Game is set to be played at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, featuring Team LeBron vs. Team Steph and is proposed to be aired in more than 200 countries and territories in more than 40 languages around the globe. Here is a little insight on the players selected and things to look out for in the annual matchup between the very best basketball players alive!


“Under the new All-Star Game format that replaces the traditional matchup between the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, James and Curry will choose the team rosters from the pool of players voted as starters and reserves.  The All-Star teams will still feature 12 players from each conference, but the captains will select the team rosters without regard for conference affiliation.  Each captain’s first four selections must come from the pool of eight remaining starters.  As the top overall finisher in fan voting, James will make the first pick,” states Rules Written.

*All-star players chosen/voted in by fans (50%), players (25%), and media (25%)*  


Team LeBron:

LeBron James

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers’ (East)

Age: 33


In my opinion, LeBron is flat out the best player of all time. Appearing this year in his consecutive 14th all-star game, we’ve never seen such a beast on the court who can hold it down on both offense and defense. Be thankful you’re alive to be able to witness greatness and watch the King in his prime dominate the game we call basketball!

*Lookout for one of LeBron’s trademark slam dunks, crazy precise passing, or alley-oops!


Kevin Durant

Team: Golden State Warriors’

Age: 29


KD, you either love him or hate him. Durant joined the Warriors in 2016 and achieved what he always strived for, his first national championship. Easily considered by many in the top 3 players in the league right now closely tied and compared to his teammate in this year’s all star game, LeBron James.

*Lookout for Durant to go up against Warriors teammate Stephen Curry, who many thought would be on the same all-star team!


Anthony Davis

Team: New Orleans Pelicans

Age: 24


Davis, last year’s 2017 all-star MVP will hope to achieve the same heights he reached in last year’s game finishing with a high 52-points. He will look to combine with Pelican teammate DeMarcus Cousins and could come up with another star performance if he can rise to the occasion with anything similar to what he did last year.

*Lookout for Davis’ all around qualities that include shooting and dunking!


DeMarcus Cousins

Team: New Orleans Pelicans

Age: 27


At 6’11” ft and 270 pounds, Cousins is surprisingly one of the most agile centers in the league with a huge frame that can do damage against any opposition. Known for having a very competitive side, just sit back and enjoy this game which consists of players like Cousins who will never back down no matter the occasion.

*Lookout for the battle between Cousins vs. Embiid, both known to have a temper!


Kyrie Irving

Team: Boston Celtics (East)

Age: 25


Irving made the big move over to Boston this season, leaving the Cavaliers and all-star teammate LeBron James. Since his arrival, Irving has done no wrong with the Celtics proving his critics wrong as Boston currently hold the 1st place spot in the Eastern Conference.

*Lookout for Irving’s impressive handles during the game!


Team LeBron reserves:

Kristaps Porzingis, Kevin Love, Bradley Beal, John Wall, Victor Oladipo, LaMarcus Aldridge, Russell Westbrook


Team Curry:

Stephen Curry

Team: Golden State Warriors’

Age: 29


Curry, making his name in the Bay Area and becoming arguably the best shooter of all time appears as captain in his 5th all-star game. Being of the shortest players out on the court at 6’3” ft. he will look to use his impressive ball handling skills and ridiculous range of shooting from practically anywhere on the court, yes anywhere.

*Lookout for Curry to shoot an absurd shot from 50+ feet away, chances are he’ll make it!


James Harden

Team: Houston Rockets

Age: 28


Harden famed for his audacious beard, has been one of the standout players so far this season helping the Rockets to an impressive two wins already over Western rivals and previous 2017 NBA champions Golden State. One of the best shooters in the league and last years runner-up MVP on the season, the bearded man has high hopes this season to lead his Rockets to the Finals for the first time since his arrival 2012.

*Lookout for Harden’s wide range of distant shooting and non-existent defense!


Giannis Antetokounmpo

Team: Milwaukee Bucks (East)

Age: 23


Nicknamed the “Greek Freak” standing at 6’11” ft, Giannis originally from Greece is one of the most exciting young players in the league with astounding power and energy to go with a wingspan of 7 feet!

*Lookout and expect to see Giannis embarrass someone on the opposing team, whether a block or slam dunk!


Joel Embiid

Team: Philadelphia 76’ers (East)

Age: 23


Embiid came as a surprise to some being selected as a starter in this year’s all-star game, making his first ever appearance. The Cameroonian plays with amazing maturity at the tender age of 23 and stands at 7 feet tall. His competitive nature never shies and we’re in for a treat with a great new character added to the all-star game.

*Lookout for Embiid’s competitive side to come out in this matchup as a rookie to the all-stars!  


DeMar DeRozan

Team: Toronto Raptors (East)

Age: 28


DeRozan, a surprise starter to some has enjoyed a great campaign this season averaging 24.7 PPG (point per game) and holds the crown of being Toronto’s all-time leading scorer. Always in good spirits, DeRozan usually has fun with the game and enjoyed a comedic all-star game last year joking with teammates and friends which we hope to see again this year.

*Lookout for DeRozan’s flashy and acrobatic dunks which sometimes include a 360 spin!


West reserves:

Karl-Anthony Towns, Draymond Green, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Al Horford, Kyle Lowry


*Note because of different season scheduling, the women’s WNBA All-Star Game won’t feature until the summer, hosted in Minnesota at the Target Center on July 28th, 2018!


Photo taken from The Orange County Register.